An integrated multi-therapy approach to rehabilitation and performance

  The legal part… 

The regulations of the Veterinary Act (1966)

The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962 authorises complementary therapies providing they are practiced with the prior consent of and under the direction of the animal’s Veterinary Surgeon. 

Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 it is illegal for any person to treat an animal unless they are a Veterinary Surgeon or paraprofessional covered by the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 1962.  Complementary therapies are authorised providing they are practised with the prior consent of and under the direction of the animal’s Veterinary Surgeon.  As we are qualified & insured we are classed as a paraprofessionals and are allowed to practice with the prior consent of the animal’s Veterinary Surgeon.

McTimoney Technique 

The McTimoney technique is used to treat both humans and animals. Under current legislation the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) regulates the treatment of humans not animals, and only practitioners registered with the GCC can legally call themselves Chiropractors. The title Chiropractor is a protected title to refer to human treatment only. As a qualified practitioner using the technique on animals only Harriet Soper is not described as a Chiropractor as is not required to register with the GCC. This is in compliance with the Chiropractic Act 1994.

Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies have a section for complementary therapy by a qualified professional if referred by your vet. Harriet is fully registered and insured so where appropriate treatment costs can be claimed on insurance.  The MAA & IRVAP are registered with the majority of the pet/horse insurance companies.